Coin Listing

At Nlexch, we look for coins that have high community demand, innovations to digital currency technology, or a contribution to science or humanity. Given the demand for currency launches, we limit ourselves to only a handful a week.Launching is free and at our discretion.

Note that we cannot list currencies where its primary purpose is to support illegal gambling, illegal drug sales, or any other activity that is illegal in our jurisdiction. We also cannot list currencies that would be construed as a security such as digital currencies that promise/market profits or represent shares of a company. At our discretion, we may require an additional compliance fee for listing. These happen in the extraordinary cases where your coin's use case is extremely complex and requires significant research by our staff to determine suitability.

To help speed up the process of deploying your coin, we require the following information submitted through our support (

  • Coin Name
  • Description of your coin - Why does it exist and what makes it unique? What new technology or business concept are you bringing to the blockchain?
  • Coin trading symbol - The ticker needs to be 3-5 letters and cannot contain any symbols or numbers. Please verify that your preferred symbol is not already in use on our exchange or any other. There are a number of services that track coin prices that require the symbols to be unique. Even if the symbol is not on our exchange anymore, we won't reuse it. Consider your symbol carefully because we will not change it once it is set.
  • A logo for your coin - png format with a transparent background. The logo should be square with dimensions of 1000x1000 pixels with no white space on its border and no taglines. It should only be a logo and expect it to show up in multiple spots in out websites.
  • Launch Date (past or future)
  • Github Link - We only accept source code. We will not run a binary that you provide us.
  • Did you raise money/bitcoin to launch your coin? (i.e. a CFC/ICO)
  • Did you have a premine? How much is it? Is it escrowed?
  • What is the max money supply for your coin?
  • Exchanges you are currently on
  • Official blockchain explorer
  • What is your TxFee for a transaction
  • Any social media information such as your official website, twitter account, facebook page, subreddit, etc.

Optional information that heavily influences us:

  • Identity Disclosure: If you disclose your identity publicly, we'll verify that the information you disclosed matches your NLexch account
  • Get your source code reviewed by a trusted member of the community
  • Updates about your coin: If you have previously been listed on NLexch, what has changed with your coin since then?

If you run a crowdfunding campaign on another platform or premined your coin and would like to get listed, the following additional requirements apply:

  • We may require a (1 - 5 ) BTC compliance fee for the additional due diligence we need to fulfill to list your coin
  • A link to publicly accessible information about the CFC terms. We need to see exactly how any funds were raised and what was promised to crowdfunders
  • A link to publicly accessible information about the premine. We'd like to know how large of a premine it was and what the intended purpose of the premine is
  • We'd like to know the final metrics for the crowdfund. How much was raised and how many addresses were coins distributed to?
  • You must also meet our CFC compliance standards; most notably having a proof of developer done and disclosing the full name and location of a member of the coin development team

We are mindful of scams, copyright violations, and offensive subjects and reserve the right to refuse any coin on our platform. In some cases, we may request a legal review of your coin before being listed.